Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jekyll Island Collegiate Inv. Recap

This past week we played in Jekyll Island, GA in one of the best D3 events of the year. Unfortunately, we played poorly the first two days and just average on the last. However, Kalen played a great event taking T15 and beating a lot of the top ranked players in the country.

21 Trinity University 311 308 299-918
T15 Kalen Vos 74 72 73- 219
T64 Warren Taylor 78 74 76- 228
T100 Tyler Lehmann 79 82 74- 235
T102 Geoffrey Setiawan 80 80 76- 236
T130 Erik Long-Goheen 81 83 82- 246

Obviously a lot of things went wrong. We have a few weeks to get things moving in the right direction so we'll be trying to improve on our mistakes.