Monday, March 22, 2010

Jekyll Island Collegiate Invitational Results

T25 JA: 73,74,79
T54 Geoffrey: 76,79,76
T58 Barry: 77,77,78
T87 Nash: 78,82,79
T87 Warren: 80,80,79
16 TEAM: 304,310,312

T49 Olivia: 92,84,87
84 Julia: 91,96,93
T89 Emma: 94,101,92
T92 Anne: 95,101,92
17 TEAM 372,382,364

The scores say it all. With a great field, course and opportunity, we failed to meet our expectations. We are in need of some good practice before playing in Georgetown, but that will have to wait as JA and I are stuck in a Jacksonville hotel room due to overbooking by American Airlines.